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Homecoming Dresses

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On homecoming court? Going to prom? Need a dress? Well you came to the right place! Homecoming attire varies from region to region, leaving participants at a loss when it comes to homecoming gown shopping. Some schools do not require a formal dress, but maybe a business suit or even "Sunday" attire instead. Some do simplified formal dresses, while other schools have a tradition of formal and fancy frocks.

If your school requires a formal dress, you're in luck! Homecoming and prom dresses can be interchangeable. You should be able to shop with ease, there are tons of choices! When shopping for your homecoming dress, you must first decide what style suits you and your personality best. Ball gowns are one option where the gown has a full skirt reaching the floor and layer upon layer of tulle or lining to give the skirt a full appearance. Another option is mermaid (or trumpet) style. This is where the dress is fitted to the knees and then flares out to the floor. Hi-lo is another popular style. This dress is cut higher in the front normally in an oval shape showing from the knees down and the back is long. Then you have your traditional long-length dress. Long dresses can vary between skirt styles and bodice types. The long dress can have an a-line skirt, or straight skirt. The dress can have no slits, slits in the front, back, one side, or even both sides. After choosing your style, you need to decide if you want a train in the back or not. You should consider the venue for your homecoming soiree before you decide completely on the style. You wouldn't want to drag a train across the football field. Now lets move on to the fun part and decide what color you want, if you want a solid or a pattern.

Also, some schools require formal attire but in the form of cocktails. Cocktails allow ease of movement and shorter length gowns are perfect for any venue. Cocktails can also be used for both homecoming and prom dresses. Cocktails come in different lengths, like tea-length which falls about two inches above the ankle and short cocktails that hit mid-thigh. Wearing cocktails as homecoming and prom dresses allows you to experiment with accessories like cute shoes. You can do wrap-arounds where the strap wraps around the ankle or something super ornate, like oversized gems or cascading rhinestones. Also at CB's Limited we dye shoes to match your dress exactly. Having your shoes dyed adds uniqueness and creativity to your attire. So make a statement...pick the perfect shoes for your homecoming and prom dresses!

Need both, homecoming and prom dresses? One option is wearing the same dress to both. But really? Who wants to wear a dress twice? If you must, most prom dresses will double for homecoming if you are one of the lucky ones that gets to wear formal gowns for homecoming. But, be advised, wearing the same gown will have consequences. The same people will see it, and you will not to experience the fun of prom dress shopping because most the time homecoming comes first.

If you plan to do two different gowns for homecoming and prom dresses, you do not want to wear the same style of dress to both occasions. So, we are going to switch it up. If you wear a cocktail dress to homecoming then you can wear a long dress or a ball gown to prom or vice versa. You can look cute to one event and sexy to the other. It is great fun when you get to go shopping for two dresses when you are on the homecoming court and going to the prom!

The style for this past prom season was wild prints. These prints allowed for uniqueness and creativity but 2015 prom dresses are going to be even wilder. These prints will allow for second looks on the homecoming court and prom dance floors. Homecoming and prom dresses for 2015 will have lots of options such as animal prints from the jungle, the sea, and the rain forest. The dresses will also have lots of dresses with geometric prints with a wide variety of colors. Also the popular colors are going to vary within the families of the blues, greens, oranges, and pinks. The blue family includes but is not limited to royal, turquoise, sky blue, cobalt. The green family includes mint, light green, dark green, olive, and lime. The oranges include orange, burnt orange, peach and tangerine. There are a lot of colors in the pink family such as lipstick, fuchsia, light pink, bubblegum, watermelon, hot pink, and coral.

The styles for the homecoming and prom dresses are going to vary. There will be one shoulders, strapless, halter, choker halters, and spaghetti straps. The spaghetti straps can be thin or thick. Some dresses will have low backs, open backs, straight across backs, strappy backs, tie up backs, and backs that zip. You have all of these options when picking homecoming and prom dresses so go wild!

Homecoming and Prom dresses can be simple with little bead work or extravagant with lots of beading and details. Homecoming and prom dresses can be used interchangeably so you have endless options on what to wear to both homecoming and prom. Dresses come in all styles, colors, and patterns. Do not be ordinary! Go with unique prom dresses and use your creativity to liven up your look with shoes and jewelry. Stand out and make a statement when walking out for homecoming court and into prom! Choose the style that fits your body and personality! This upcoming prom season will allow for tons of options when picking out your perfect homecoming and prom dresses. At CB's Limited we have over eleven companies to order from! Make shopping for your homecoming and prom dresses memorable by shopping with us!

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