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Plus Size Prom Dresses
Plus size prom dresses can be awesome! Designers are throwing out the old adages of frumpy gowns for a look that is more sleek, sexy and totally figure-flattering! From the classic to the contemporary, plus size prom dresses are completely changing, and for the better!
Picking the perfect prom style for your plus size prom dresses can be a tough task. You should first decide what type of look you want to achieve on prom night. Is it reserved or sassy? Vintage or modern? Safe and subtle or creative and crazy? You should choose a dress that fits your individual style. Let it scream, YOU!
Once youíve decided on the look, you want to pick the style that is right for you. You can find thousands of prom dresses at and the search for perfect plus size prom dresses is simplified with our new dress builder! You choose straight or full, straps or strapless, short or long. You can even narrow your search for plus size prom dresses by color! This makes shopping for plus size prom dresses fun and easy!

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The style you choose should accent your body at its best. Follow these simple guidelines to find the fit that is perfect for your plus size prom dress:
  • If you are pear-shaped, bigger in the hip and legs than the bust, empire-style gowns will suit you best. I would guess that 75% of plus size prom dresses have empire waistlines, meaning that the gown begins to flare just under the bust. So, your selection is endless! These styles are available in long or short, and a variety of fabrics and colors.
  • If you are more like a strawberry shape, bustier with a smaller torso and hips, gowns without an accentuated bust line are best. Also, gowns with high necklines (or collars even!) tend to minimize the appearance of a full bust. You will want to stay away from heavily sequined or adorned bust lines, they tend to draw more attention to areas you may want to remain unnoticed.
  • If you are built like a box, or rectangular shape, your bust is pretty much the size same as your hips and typically your waistline is less evident. You are the lucky ones! Yes, that is right, you are lucky because anything goes! Your plus size prom dresses selection is wide open! So rejoice in your good fortune and have fun with your decision. One tip: you may want to choose a gown to accentuate you bust. Sweetheart necklines work great to achieve this. You can also look into corset-type bodices, the lace-up kind. You can pull in the bodice with the laces (as tight as you can stand it!) to form a waistline. Just be sure you have airflow, the only thing worse than no waistline is passing out on prom night!
Now that you have the look and have picked a style that is right for you, letís talk color! Plus size prom dresses donít have to be boring black or not-exciting navy, they can be bright, vibrant and exciting! There are few restrictions when it comes to choosing color for plus size prom dresses. Fuller-figured girls will need to be very careful when leaning toward neon brights like chartreuse or a get-your-shades-out orange. Also, printed gowns are all the rage this season, but buyer beware... animal print is NOT flattering for everyone. Choosing formal dresses that are trimmed or accented in an animal print may be a safer solution than an all over print. Prints are a good thing, they offer variety and allow you to express your style with just a bit more boldness. But when it comes to zebra or leopard, you can have too much of a good thing! So have fun with your color choice, whether it is solid or printed, it should guarantee fabulousness!

By now you have all the criteria in mind for your plus size prom dress. Now, get out there and find it! Use our dress builder at to refine your search! Once you have found the perfect plus size prom dresses, pick the one that most suits your needs and keep in mind your body type and your own personal style. Or if you are on a budget, try to look for inexpensive prom dresses. You found the dress, now what? A lot of prom shoppers donít realize that gowns are NOT going to fit your body perfectly. To achieve perfection on your body, the gown needs to be tailored to you. You should find a highly recommended seamstress in your area. Go there, try the gown on for him/her. Tell them exactly what you expect the gown to look like and they will know how to achieve that for you.

Alterations are, perhaps, the most important step in the prom preparation process (say that three times fast!) 99% of the gowns that we sell need some form of alterations. This is especially true for full-figured shoppers. You should ensure that your dress is altered correctly to fit exactly the way that it should. Often, straps need to be adjusted or seams underneath the arms need to be taken in just a tad, to ensure a secure fit. And most definitely you will need a hem! Unless you are exactly 5'8" with a three inch heel... the gown will not suit your height!

Prom night is exciting for every teen. You should feel like a princess, this is the one night a year that you can be a diva and look absolutely divine. You can escape the plus size prom dresses stereotype and be stunning! Be choosy... there are tons of options for you to pick from. But be careful also, keep in mind your true style and try to embody that while sticking to gown types that best suit your body. If you follow these simple tips when selecting your plus size prom dress, you are guaranteed to dazzle the crowd on prom night. And remember CB's has all the gowns, shoes and accessories to make your prom night an evening to remember. Have a blast!

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