PROM 101 Your how-to guide for all things prom

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PROM 101 is an in-depth how-to guide for all things prom. Here, you will learn how to successfully plan the perfect prom night. From budgeting expenses to date etiquette, these six lessons will help you to make the most memorable prom night ever! Don't worry, this isn't your typical subject matter. PROM 101 is designed to guide you through each step of the prom process.

In Lesson 1, you will discover the importance of a prom budget and you can create your own.

Lesson 2 offers a prom checklist to help you get organized and to keep you on schedule.

In Lesson 3, you will learn how to find the perfect gown for your body shape.

Lesson 4, everyone's favorite, gem class! But don't throw on your gym shorts just yet. This class is all about the accessories!

In Lesson 5, you will learn about the latest beautification regiments and how to compliment your prom style.

Finally, Lesson 6 offers pointers for effortless etiquette.

Extracurricular Activities

What would class be without the extracurricular activities? We've included a Prom Purse Checklist. You will find recommendations for what to include in that cute little clutch.

Also check out our Q&A session with a prom gown buyer; you will discover how gowns are chosen for each new season.

And just for fun, take the dress test. What does your gown style say about you?

Q&A With a Buyer

We sat down with a buyer for and the retail store, CB's Limited of Lancaster to get a better understanding of what exactly is considered when stocking up on prom gowns!

Q How often do new styles emerge?

A Typically each vendor reveals new styles bi-annually (twice a year). The big one is of course Spring (for prom!) and then they will add to the collection for Fall.

Q How do you decide which gowns will appear on your site and in your store?

A We hold the consumer's wants in the highest regard. Each year, when the new prom season's styles are revealed, we hold a prom council (a panel of teens) to gather their thoughts and opinions on the upcoming season. We then combine their responses with our knowledge of the industry to make an informed decision about each and every gown.

Q Most gowns come in a variety of colors. How do you decide which color to order a particular style in?

A The vendors take pictures for advertising (ad shots) and usually the color that is seen in publications and online ads is the hottest seller!

Q What are your favorite designers?

A Sherri Hill and Tiffany Designs always do a great job with photos, and that makes it easy to sell their lines. Alyce and Night Moves are two of my favorites...they always keep lots of stock on hand. Of course, Jovani is always going to be a consumer favorite, therefore my favorite as well!

Q What are some challenges when buying for the upcoming prom season?

A No matter how many prom councils you hold or how many years experience you have in the business, there is always going to be the one you missed. That style that simply blows consumers away, but never even crossed your mind.

Q What is the single most important piece of advise for teens attending prom?

A Choose a gown that is not only great, but great on YOU! You should not lose yourself when prom shopping, your gown should be a reflection of your own personal style.

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Lesson 1: Promonomics

Budgeting for Prom

Lesson 2: Prom Prep

A Checklist for Prom

Lesson 3: Prom-nometry

How to Shop Your Shape

Lesson 4: Gem Class

Choosing the Right Accessories

Lesson 5: Prom-etology

Hair, Make-up,
Tanning, & Nails

Lesson 6: Study Hall

Date Etiquette