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Prom Dresses

Having a difficult time shopping for 2015 prom dresses? You have come to the right place. At CB's Limited, we know prom dresses. For over 4 decades we have been selling designer prom dresses not only in our local retail store, but shipping gowns all over the world. We carry only the largest selection of prom dresses at the most competitive prices. We are authorized dealers for the best of the major brands. We only sell top quality goods to our customers. There are many vendors out there, but we do the shopping for you by "weeding" out the manufacturers of prom dresses that have lesser quality, or offer poor customer service. Sure, there are over 100 major manufacturers of prom dresses, but only chosen few can stand up to our scrutiny.

With the top vendors in the industry at our disposal, we are able to offer the best customer service at the best prices. There are styles of prom dresses to fit anyones budget and style preferences. Some popular styles included are: plus size, short, sexy, and of course, long prom dresses. We even offer a large selection of strapless prom dresses and cocktail dresses. All of our formal prom dresses are fully lined and are made of the only the finest materials. Through working with vendors that really care about their quality and fit, and dedicating ourselves to service both before and after the sale, we are confident you will shop with us again for any formal dresses you may need in the future.

Prom dresses come in a variety of colors and styles. Prints started to be seen on prom dresses only a few years ago and have been become very popular. Solid colored prom dresses are still make up the majority of prom dress sales, but prints are growing yearly. Many prom dresses have been been inspired by what the celebrities wear to many red carpet events...these are called celebrity inspired prom dresses. Fabrics have become more elegant and flowing over the past few years. One fabric that has become very popular among manufacturers of prom dresses and gowns is charmeuse. This can be either in silk form or polyester. While being similar to satin that has been used for many years in manufacturing prom dresses, charmeuse is much softer and much more pliable than satin. Taffeta is being seen on many prom dresses as colors tend to be more muted when the fabric is dyed. This "dirty" coloring makes the fabric appear to have an almost antique feel to it.

Whatever your preference, CB's Limited has the selection, reputation, and experience to help you make your selection while shopping for 2015 prom dresses.

To use the dress builder below, click the check boxes next to what you want to see and click update results. If no prom dresses come up, try unselecting one of your choices, and clicking update results again. Choose as many or as few options as you want... Or, just use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons to view everything we have that is tagged as a prom dress.
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Prom is back in session! So get ready for prom dresses 2015! Prom dresses 2015 are going to be hotter and more fashionable than ever. Each year more and more creativity is put into each gown; and this year, prom dresses 2015 have already stirred anticipation among many. Lots of people are already anxious to see, and get their hands on, the new styles and trends of prom dresses 2015.

2015 brought many new styles of dresses. Prints, patterns, and cutouts were hip, hot, and very popular. Some customers were not expecting prints to excel in sales the way that they did. Although animal prints were not preferred by some people, others were crazy about them. Prom dresses 2015 will more than likely contain lots of unique dresses. Animal dresses will still be key for prom dresses 2015 but prints are moving more towards just pattern. Different shapes and multi colors are more than likely going to be huge in prom dresses 2015. One reason animal is probably not going to be as popular this year is because everyone loved it last year. No one is going to desire to wear what someone wore last year. What someone stole the show in last year is not your ideal dress. Just because prints will not be as popular, no two patterns are exactly the same. So do not hesitate to funk up your prom with a pattern.

ONE thing that is becoming more and more popular is the one shoulder dresses. Prom dresses 2015 are loaded with one strap dresses. Bridesmaid dresses for 2015 are even showcasing one strap dresses. In 2011, one shoulder dresses were available but were not as in style like they are for 2015. More and more people are asking about one shoulder dresses. One shoulder gowns are great because they can give similar looks as strapless dresses except you do not have to worry about it falling down the entire night.

Body shapes are not going to change just because prom dresses 2015 change. When choosing the prom dress of your dreams be sure to accommodate your body type. If the sexy dress with cut outs and a high split does not fit your body type, or does nothing in its favor, then go for another look. Prom dresses 2015 are going to bring numerous unique qualities that make each dress special. So go for another dress. Find the hot pattern that is in style but not too much for your body.

How do you pick the dress perfect for you? Simple! Begin looking for a dress that you think is very fashionable yet comfortable. Trying dresses on before you purchase them is probably best if you have a different body shape. That way you can narrow out certain styles or fabrics that may do nothing for you. Too, getting different opinions before you purchase a dress can be helpful. Someone may point out something that may not have been brought to your attention. Also be sure to pick a dress that will suit your self, parents, and school. Make sure when making final selections on prom dresses 2015 that you consider all of the inspections that will be made.

Before you shop, be sure! Be certain that the prom dress you pick tickles your fancy because there are going to be so many great styles out in prom dresses 2015, you would hate to regret your gown choice. Look around and know what is going to be in style. Know ahead of time what prom dresses 2015 hold in store. If you know ahead of time what is popular, it may help you to know some of the qualities you want your prom dresses 2015 to have. It will cut down on your shopping time and help you narrow out the dress styles and patterns you are sure you do not want.

Short dresses have been popular for quite some time now. And once again for prom dresses 2015, short dresses are going to be in. Short dresses are great for picture taking, dining, and dancing. Three in one! Short dresses are also comfortable and can most likely be worn again to another event. Although short dresses have been popular in the past, prom dresses 2015 are bringing to popularity a new addition to the average short or tea length dress. Short ball gowns! Yes, that is right, short ball gowns. These short ball gowns are so adorable. They are short just like short dresses except they poof out at the waist with crinoline underneath. The great thing about having crinoline is that you can take out as much as you want. If a dress is perfect but you are concerned about how poofy it is, relax. There is a solution to this crinoline crisis. Layers of the crinoline can be cut out with the scissors. Leaving a layer of crinoline will still give the gown a poofy look without being an overwhelming amount.

When do you start your hunt and see the perfect prom dresses 2015? CB's Limited puts out their prom dresses 2015 for the new year as early as January. January is the time to get the best selections. Things get gone extremely quick in prom season. As soon as gowns hit the floor they are taken. The hottest new styles are usually the very first to go. So do not wait around until the best styles are picked over. Come on out and get a head start so that you will not get leftovers.

So there you have it, an update on prom dresses 2015. Knowing which styles were in, are in, and will be in is very important when it comes to prom dress shopping. Bring out your own, personal look this year. Go with what you love because chances are, it is in style. So many different looks are being used now, do not worry if you are overdoing your 2015 fashion look. Go all out! Be different, be in style, and most importantly have fun! After's let the fun begin!

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